Microsoft Office 365 and Project Online “Customer Preview”

Today is a very exciting day for Microsoft, Project Hosts and everyone involved with, or interested in Microsoft Project and SharePoint solutions in the cloud.  Today, Microsoft has officially launched the Project Online “Customer Preview” program as part of Office 365.  As the recognized leader in these hosted solutions, we’re both excited and proud to be part of this momentous occasion.  We are involved in three ways:

1. We are excited to be part of testing Project Online, and as one of the original providers of this service, we are delighted to see Microsoft help raise the awareness for this solution across the globe.

2. We have developed two applications (2A QuickStart, and 2B a Project Pro), that are available through the beta apps center, in support of Microsoft’s new cloud initiative.

3. We will continue to deliver custom-cloud solutions that accommodate an enterprise’s unique solution architecture, application needs, and security requirements – extending well beyond standard shared cloud with our vast eco-system of partners.

We’re very excited about the increased visibility and opportunities that we believe Microsoft will create for cloud-specialists such as ourselves, and for our partners.   All ships rise in a rising tide — so while Microsoft’s cloud rises, so shall Project Hosts’ custom clouds.

You can read more about Microsoft’s announcement here (Forbes article).

Scott Chapman

President, Project Hosts


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