Partner Connect: MasterLink – Program Management Tool from Matan

Announcement: Don’t forget to stop by our booth #217 at Microsoft Project Conference 2012 on March 19th-22nd, 2012 in Phoenix, AZ for an exclusive special offer from Matan for MasterLink!

When you operate in one or more of the scenarios below, MasterLink can ensure that your critical initiatives deliver outstanding business results.

The first and where most of our customers are looking for advanced features like the ones we built in MasterLink is Program Management. 

In this case there are many projects that are linked together in inner dependencies to support a large Program. MasterLink is able to provide improved efficiency and better results; even in cases were hundreds of critical dependencies are in place. It achieves that by offering the program manager advanced yet user‑friendly techniques for planning, controlling and analyzing cross-project influences.

The second case is when the project or program needs to be presented to a customer or a partner. The customer needs a real-time snapshot of the progress with the ability to easily view the details if needed.

In other cases there is a contractual project in which a contractor needs to add their project or tasks and link it to the program.  MasterLink enable an easy way to link those contractual projects or work packages without jeopardizing the integrity of the overall project. Both the contractor and the project manager within the company are in better control and improved collaboration of the shred tasks and projects, which lead to better success rate of such projects.

In recent years we noticed a growing demand for enhanced capabilities to support project management in matrix organizations. There are special characteristics that should be taken into account in such a case, where team leaders need to manage their resources, while project managers need to manage the project’ schedules and progress. Our EPM experts design and develop the best approach to manage those projects and help both team leaders and project managers manage their resources successfully.

Please read through the article which addresses different issues that arise during the implementation process of an EPM solution in a weak matrix organization.

For more reading, visit Matan’s white paper:
Who is your manager?


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