What Can On Demand Microsoft EPM Do for You?

On demand Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions can play a pivotal role in your project management evaluation and deployment process. Hosted Microsoft EPM offers four solutions that can help you through the process: Tours, Trials, Interim Hosting, and Long-Term Hosting. Tours 

A tour of the Microsoft EPM solution is a powerful way to evaluate the benefits for your organization. Guided, 7-day, online tours of Microsoft Project Server, Project Portfolio Server, Project Web Access, and Project Professional are available at the Microsoft-sponsored web site www.EPMConnect.com. Available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, the complimentary tours provide an introduction to the Microsoft EPM solution and also provide you with the opportunity to go offroad and explore a live, online version of the solution on your own.


On demand, 30-day, Proof of Concept (POC) trial environments allow your organization to enter your project data and try the Microsoft EPM solution in-house, customized to your needs. A POC is typically coordinated with a Microsoft EPM implementation partner and provides a great way to evaluate the solution for your specific needs before committing to a purchase.

Interim Hosting

On demand Microsoft EPM can be a fast, cost effective means to launch an EPM solution within your organization. A cost effective, on demand EPM environment is typically delivered within 5 to 10 business days, ready for configuration by a qualified Microsoft EPM implementation partner. If your IT department is not ready to deploy Microsoft EPM in-house, an on demand environment can be rapidly deployed and then you can migrate onsite once your IT department is ready to deploy and maintain it.

Long-Term Hosting

On demand Microsoft EPM can be a very cost effective, long-term alternative to onsite deployment. Depending on the bandwidth and capabilities of your IT department, allowing the experts at Project Hosts to deploy and maintain your EPM environment can result in much lower cost and much higher up-time than your IT department can provide.

Contact Us Now

No matter where you are in your EPM deployment process, on demand Microsoft EPM can provide the right solution for your organization. Contact Project Hosts at info@ProjectHosts.com or (866) 977-2220 ext 201 now for more information.



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