Trump’s executive order on Cybersecurity calls for Shared Services

February 20, 2017

presidential_sealPresident Donald Trump’s recent executive order on cybersecurity requires all Federal agencies to develop a plan for transitioning to shared services for email, cloud computing and cybersecurity. According to the order, obtained by MeriTalk, “The executive branch has for too long accepted antiquated and difficult to defend IT and information systems,” the order states. “Effective immediately, it is the policy of the United States to build a more modern, more secure, and more resilient Executive Branch IT architecture.”

To improve on IT architectural security, the order focuses heavily on the modernization of legacy IT systems. Agencies that are running and managing server software that’s past end-of-support are rolling the dice with the security of their agency. Continuing to use out-of-date server software technology presents an open invitation to attacks. Software end-of-support means:

  • Increased vulnerability with no security updates or patches
  • Agencies are on their own for support
  • Onus of hardware issues rests on agency
  • Loss of time and resources working on processes
Project Hosts Federal Private Clouds

Project Hosts Federal Private Clouds

By working with a FedRAMP compliant Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as Project Hosts, Inc. you are always at the forefront of highly secure cloud computing solutions. FedRAMP SaaS compliant solutions offer innovative and holistic security solutions and features that protect against foreign threats, attacks and cyber crimes – enabling you to quickly detect and respond to attacks should they occur.

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Secure Azure Services

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Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services


Federal (FedRAMP) Website Policies (Memorandum M-17-06)

February 14, 2017

Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites and Digital Services Already Covered by FedRAMP Compliant CSP

U.S. Government Federal websites and digital services must meet and maintain high standards of effectiveness, usability, quality and security in order to support the public’s ability to gain access to, and interact with Federal Government agencies.

OMB Memorandum M-17-06 introduces the policy of effectiveness, usability and quality; attributes that are already provided by FedRAMP Compliant websites powered by Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud which includes Drupal, Joomla and WordPress website builders and management systems. U.S. federal and state government agencies and enterprise organizations that need a highly secure website and CMS (Content Management System) platform can rely on our FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant clouds for:

  • Drupal FedRAMP Website / Content Management System
  • Joomla! FedRAMP Website / Content Management System
  • WordPress FedRAMP Website / Content Management System

Agencies that need to build and maintain websites and databases that are in compliance with the M-17-06 Policy need only look to a FedRAMP compliant website and database using Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress from Project Hosts. Unlike FedRAMP IaaS-level compliant website offerings where you still have to put in place and manage all of the scanning, patching, log correlation, intrusion detection, incident response and other security services required for FISMA / FedRAMP compliance, our FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant website environments allow you to focus on your website development and content and leave all the implement of  extensive security control, and the compliance process to us.

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Cloud Security Specialists add Greater Security and Support for your Azure Environments

February 8, 2017

Microsoft Azure + Project Hosts = True Cloud Security

Implementing the necessary security controls, be-it ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 or FedRAMP, on your Azure subscription, can make the difference between claiming a secure environment and truly having a secure and compliant environment.  Azure is an exceptional cloud platform that allows you to spin up new Window Server-based application deployments with minimal effort. But while Azure takes care of the physical security of their data centers, as well as access control and the security surrounding physical devices, they leave it up to each customer to secure and restrict access to their own virtual servers/subnets.

Ensuring that an Azure deployment is fully secured and meets a company’s required security standards and policies is critical to the protection of their business assets, data and employees. Project Hosts can implement the necessary security controls while also offering managed services, which adds ongoing trouble-free operation in your highly secured private cloud. This gives organizations an extension to their IT team, allowing employees to focus on mission critical and revenue generating projects.

persoon-to-person-supportProject Hosts offers a unique Person-2-Person support service to ensure customer satisfaction and resolve issues as they arise:

Performance Issues

Connectivity Issues

Anomalous Application Behavior

Bug Resolution and Case Management

Guaranteed Response Times

Financially-based SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Project Hosts forms real business relationships with customers and partners; not a one-sided “click to accept” agreement.  They offer flexible business terms for long-term and month-to-month hosting while providing “white glove” services. When you call, Project Hosts answers.

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Security, Integration and Support Define the Microsoft CSP Secure Cloud-Ops story from Project Hosts

January 31, 2017

amanda_brent_david_sign_cspProject Hosts has been a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Partner for over 14 years. Offering secure private cloud options for enterprise level organizations using Project Server, SharePoint and Dynamics solutions. Project Hosts now offers Cloud-Ops through Microsoft’s CSP partner program, delivering and Managing Office 365, Dynamics 365 business applications and Azure cloud infrastructure with the added value of enhanced security, intelligent integration and Person-2-Person™ support services to mid-sized companies.

There are three fundamental platforms options, each of which is essential to creating an efficient and integrated business computing environment: Azure Secure Managed Services, Microsoft Online Applications, and Microsoft Office 365 Online with the following benefits when managed by Project Hosts.

PrintSecurity: Choose the industry security standard that best suits your business needs and data criticality including ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP and FedRAMP DoD I/L 4.

Integration: With our intelligent cloud integration services, your users will be able to access and navigate seamlessly between multiple cloud service infrastructure, including Azure-based deployments.

Support: Backed by our renowned Person-2-Person admin support services and uptime guarantee, our Cloud-Ops managed services will take your business operations to the next level of productivity without breaking the bank.

Microsoft CSP Secure Cloud-Ops

Secure Azure Services

Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services

Dynamics 365 Provides a Secure, Powerful and Collaborative Productivity Environment

January 12, 2017

josh_dynamicsMicrosoft Dynamics 365 is hosted in a  secure Microsoft Cloud, protecting your business assets from unauthorized access or theft. By provisioning your online environment through a Microsoft CSP partner like Project Hosts and their Cloud Ops solutions,  you will have the added benefit of enhanced security management services on top of your Admin and User Support. Unlike an on-premises deployment of Microsoft Dynamics, your operating and maintenance costs will be lower with Dynamics 365. IT infrastructure costs and maintenance or allocating you own IT staff to oversee such operations are now a thing of the past.

persoon-to-person-supportDynamics includes modules for sales force automation, marketing automation thought Dynamics 365 for Sales, but offers deeper productivity for manufacturing and supply chain, retail and commerce as well as finance through Dynamics 365 for Operations. Your CSP can help you decide what services you will need for optimum productivity for your organization.

By signing up for a Dynamics 365 online solution through Project Hosts, you’ll not only get great results, but you’ll be able to reallocate your in house IT staff to focus on more mission-critical, or revenue-critical projects. Let Project Hosts worry about keeping your Dynamics 365 environment secure and up to date while also offering your organization truly domestic, Person-2-Person support.

Microsoft CSP Secure Cloud-Ops

Secure Azure Services

Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services

FedRAMP Compliant Websites Powered by Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress

January 6, 2017

Government Agencies moving to FedRAMP Compliant Websites

FedRAMP-Websites2We’re very excited that more and more U.S. Government agencies are interested in, and moving to FedRAMP authorized websites. Over the past several quarters, we’ve seen a big uptick in federal agencies looking to upgrade their private and public websites to meet this GSA security standard.

Back in February of 2016 we announced that our Federal Private Cloud supported FedRAMP compliant websites by Joomla, WordPress and Drupal – and we’ve worked hard to maintain our FedRAMP authorization and compliancy.

This means that U.S. federal and state government agencies can now quickly and easily create and manage their websites while having complete assurance that they are fully secured and meet all of the GSA’s FedRAMP SaaS-level compliance controls.

“If you’re an agency who needs to build and maintain
a FedRAMP compliant website using Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress, we have exactly what you need,” said Scott Chapman, CEO and co-founder of Project Hosts. “Unlike FedRAMP Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) website offerings where you still have to put in place and manage all of the scanning, patching, log correlation, intrusion detection, incident response and other security services required for FISMA compliance, our FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant websites allow you to focus on your website content and leave all of those security controls to us.”

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Immediate and Secure Access with Microsoft Office 365

December 20, 2016

Microsoft Offcie 365 Cloud-OPs

The soaring popularity in Microsoft Office 365 is only eclipsed by the meteoric rise in Cloud Computing as a whole. The immediate and Secure access to the world’s most popular office applications on both desktop and mobile devices makes transitioning to Office 365 an easy decision. What is not so easy is managing your security once you move into the cloud.

Project Hosts is a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) that can, not only  provision your Office 365 environment for your business, but add layers of security many organizations are seeking today. Their Microsoft Office 365 Cloud-Ops service gives you the added benefits of Admin and User support, and enhanced security management services. You’ll be assured that your Office 365 suite is fully secured, ensuring that your information assets and employees are protected from unauthorized access and external theft. This includes emails.

Microsoft CSP Secure Cloud-Ops

Secure Azure Services

Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services


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