We’re very excited to be showcasing our ISMScloud.com service at the 27K Summit in San Francisco today

September 28, 2016

erez_iso_showWhat’s it all about? The 27K Summit website says: “In the face of multiplying security threats, organizations are increasingly required to demonstrate management control of cyber security. ISO/IEC 27001, as the international information security management standard, provides the vehicle to do this. It’s the only standard that takes an integrated approach to information security by addressing people, processes and technology. ISO/IEC 27001 certification is the way to prove to clients, partners, shareholders, government agencies, and others that mission-critical information is kept secure.”

Our ISMScloud.com service is a secure, online application that can help you manage and document the process of securing your company’s information system, protecting your business and employees’ privacy and achieving your ISO 27001 certification.

  • Get and maintain your ISO 27001 certification
  • Simplify the process with a single, organized repository
  • Adopt a best-practices approach for ISMS
  • Easily monitor progress on findings that require fixes


To learn more visit www.ismscloud.com   For special offers: contact info@ismscloud.com

It Takes a Village of Compliancies When Facing the 400-pound Hacker

September 27, 2016

PrintCyber Security was highlighted in last night’s first presidential debate, and for good reason. There were over 85.5 Billion (with a ‘B’) cyber attacks last year according to 360 Security Center. That’s over 2,000 attacks per second. The targets are corporate, personal and government agencies, which puts everyone at risk.

With the growing popularity of cloud computing, effective Cloud Security has become a solution corporations and government agencies simply can not do without. Taking all of the requirements agencies had to follow for their conventional IT systems and extending those controls specifically for cloud computing is the role compliancies such as FedRAMP has adopted. “FedRAMP has codified security. It has detailed what we mean when we say cloud security.” -Melvin Greer, Chief Strategist at Lockheed Martin.


Information Security Levels

Through FedRAMP and other compliances such as NIST, ISO 27001 and HIPAA, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Project Hosts have been providing true cloud security for both enterprises and government agencies for years. Unlike a Standard or Public Cloud solution, Project Hosts‘ Secure Cloud solutions deliver a higher degree of customization and support for your precise solutions architecture, applications integration needs, security requirements, and real-time reporting customizations. A Secure Cloud delivers the same degree of customization as an on-premises “Private Cloud”, but without all the IT costs, complexities, staff allocation and training, maintenance and support.

Secure Azure Services

Secure SharePoint on Azure

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services




27K Summit Offers Risk Management Professionals a Glimpse at the Latest in ISO 27001 Certification Tools

September 20, 2016
Business women at desk throwing paper up in air

The ISO Certification Process can be a nightmare

On September 26th through the 28th, San Francisco will be hosting the 27K Security Summit. 27k represents the ISO 27001 certification. With the ever growing multitude of security threats, organizations are having to demonstrate proper management of cyber security through compliance.

The International Standards Organization or ISO, explains ISO 27001 as a family of standards that helps organizations keep information assets secure. Using the family of standards will help your organization manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to you by third parties. To better help organization obtain and maintain this family of standards or compliance, Project Hosts has developed the ISMScloud.

The ISMScloud service is a secure, online application that can help you manage and document the process of securing your company’s information system, protecting your business and employees’ privacy and achieving your ISO 27001 certification.

ISMS_ArtThe ISMScloud provides a best-practices approach to managing the ISO process using standard ISO controls. It follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle methodology through a centralized and intelligent, yet easy to use Information Security Management System (ISMS).

For more information, join us at the 27k Summit or visit our site at: www.ismscloud.com



Optimizing your Azure Deployment with Added Security

September 13, 2016
Microsoft Azure + Project Hosts = True Cloud Security

Microsoft Azure + Project Hosts = True Cloud Security

When it comes to Microsoft Azure security, Azure takes care of the physical security of their data centers as well as access control and the security surrounding physical devices. But Azure leaves it up to each customer to secure and restrict access to their own virtual servers/subnets. In order to convey true ‘cloud confidence’ to a commercial organization or government agency, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) should provide the proper cloud security compliances. While Microsoft Azure is an phenomenal platform, offering rapid spin ups of new Windows Server-based application deployments, Project Hosts can implement the necessary security controls on your, or our Azure subscription including ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP.

When a deployment is first architected for Azure, it is optimized and updated for its initial and originally intended usage scenario. As time passes, deployments are typically modified to meet additional needs and as such require additional updates and re-optimization:

Continuous Monitoring
Update and Patch
Architecture Optimization
Database and Application
Third Party Application
Backup and Restore
Disaster Recovery

Secure Azure Services

Secure SharePoint on Azure

Azure Managed Services

The G20 Summit brings great attention to Cyber Security

September 1, 2016

MilitaryGrade_GraphicThe G20 summit kicks off this Sunday in China. At the top of the list of the world’s economic powers is Cyber Security. According to 360 Security Center, there were over 85.5 Billion cyber attacks last year. That’s over 2,000 attacks per second. While the Chinese government has launched the world’s first Quantum Satellite with the hopes of creating a hack free internet, today American companies can turn to FedRAMP compliance to secure their data and communications.

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a U.S. government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.


Information Security Levels

FedRAMP has gained a large following among federal and state government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, the Treasury Department and many others. FedRAMP is now making significant inroads in the private sector, specifically in commercial enterprises.

FedRamp Commercial

Hosting Services Options

FedRAMP Cloud Solutions

Obtaining and Maintaining ISO 27001 Compliance through the ISMScloud

August 23, 2016

ISO_ManISVs, government agencies, hosting companies, enterprises and especially IT departments in healthcare, finance and defense industries looking to secure their company’s information management system or gain their ISO 27001 compliance, the ISMScloud just simplified your life. With the ISMScloud, you’ll find it easier to get and continue to maintain your ISO 27001 certification. The system is based on licensed ISO 27001 controls, and helps you manage all the controls, findings and fixes. So whether you’re just starting out on the road to ISO certification, or have been at it for awhile and need a better way to manage the process, we’ve got you covered.

It’s time to stop using archaic, manual tools to manage, document and monitor your controls and related status or fixes required by an auditor’s findings.

  • Secure your information management system
  • Built to get you ISO 27001 Certified
  • Based on ISO 27001 Controls
  • Includes proposed implementation practices
  • Great for first-timers, and those renewing
  • Reduces internal headcount needs

ISMScloudlaunchFor a limited time, the ISMScloud.com is offering a Free Trial to organizations seeking their ISO 27001 certification. Contact info@ismscloud.com for more information.

Managing the ISO 27001 process is made easy through the ISMS Cloud

August 11, 2016

ISMS_ArtGovernance, Compliance and Risk (GRC) professionals seeking to acquire and/or maintain ISO 27001 certification can now easily and effectively manage the process. The ISMScloud has removed reliance on primitive tools like spreadsheets, documents and folders independently stored across multiple servers or computers. The system’s built-in document manager is built on SQL and can also leverage SharePoint, and gives you the ability to relate multiple documents to specific controls and track changes within the system. This makes organizing, finding and fixing changes easier than ever before.

ISMScloudlaunchWith the ISMScloud you’ll find it easier to get, and continue to maintain your ISO 27001 certification. The system is based on licensed ISO 27001 controls, and helps you manage all controls, findings, preventive and corrective actions. So whether you’re just starting out on the road to ISO certification, or have been at it for a while and need a better way to manage the process, we’ve got you covered. Visit: ISMScloud.com for more information. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


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