Not all Clouds are created equal – Project Hosts’ explains the FedRAMP Cloud

June 24, 2015

projecthosts-woman_M2MWhen it comes to clouds, not all clouds are created equal. Some Clouds lock-out solution providers from accessing core database capabilities and other administrative controls, making it difficult for them to give their customers the experience they expect. Then there are FedRAMP Compliant Clouds.

FedRAMP compliant Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have demonstrated the necessary security controls to provide Federal Government agencies with services that keep them inline with the “Cloud First” initiative. In order to provide agencies a SaaS level cloud environment such as Project Server, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, the CSP must have 100% of the 325 controls in place, like Project Hosts“Project Hosts is the first Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to have demonstrated compliance with the rev4 FedRAMP baseline.” Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP Director at GSA.

PH_FedRAMPComplianceThere are CSPs currently bidding on government hosting contracts without FedRAMP compliance; you should know the difference. For a complete list of the FedRAMP SaaS Compliant Clouds, please refer to this page: FedRAMP Compliant Systems- CSP Supplied Packages

Learn more about Project Hosts’ FedRAMP SaaS-Compliant Clouds here. 

FedRAMP SharePoint Cloud

FedRAMP Dynamics CRM Cloud

FedRAMP Project Server Cloud

Professional SharePointeers are hard to find, and even harder to retain

June 16, 2015

RemoteSPAdminServcs_ArtCorporations and Government Agencies are finding it difficult to locate quality SharePoint Administrators to manage and operate their SharePoint environment. Perhaps just as disheartening is the fact that once a company finds a quality administrator, demand for such personnel leads to high turnover in the position.

As a leading provider of SharePoint Custom Cloud services for SharePoint solutions, Project Hosts is meeting the need for advanced SharePoint administration and management services that are in high demand by large enterprises and government agencies. The Remote SharePoint Administrator service fills the current gap that many organizations have in managing their SharePoint environment, thus preventing their users from adopting and realizing the full value of this powerful collaborative platform.

Supported Deployments:

On Premise SharePoint Deployment (Versions 2013, 2010 & 2007)

Microsoft SharePoint Online (Public Cloud, Current Version)

Microsoft SharePoint Online (FedRAMP Public Cloud, Current Version)

Project Hosts SharePoint Custom Cloud (Dedicated Clouds; 2013, 2010)

Project Hosts SharePoint FedRAMP Cloud (FedRAMP Compliant; 2013, 2010)

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

FedRAMP CRM Cloud Pricing

June 11, 2015

DynamicsCRM_PricingProject Hosts offers FedRAMP CRM Pricing, accessible on their website, 24 hours, 7 days a week. It’s as easy as visiting the price configurator and building your instance, including breakdowns by professional, basic, essential user types, additional storage prices and other options.

It is still true, the Cloud First policy mandates that federal agencies take full advantage of cloud solution to maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility and responsiveness and minimize cost. With a fully FedRAMP Compliant Cloud, U.S. Government Agencies can quickly and cost effectively take advantage of Project Hosts’ secure and dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud environment. Working with a FedRAMP Compliant CSP ensures that agencies are in compliance with the mandates and guidelines for moving to the cloud.

Click here to visit Project Hosts’ FedRAMP Price Configurator.

Project Hosts Joins an impressive list of Federal Cloud Computing Professionals at the Cloud Computing Brainstorm in Washington, D.C. on June 17th

June 10, 2015

CC_BrainstormProject Hosts is joining the 4th annual Cloud Computing Brainstorm on Wednesday, June 17 at the Knight Conference Center at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The event brings together two powerhouses in the Cloud Computing industry, MeriTalk and NIST.

Federal agencies will share their success stories, their pain points and recommendations for modern technology and business, including FedRAMP.

Project Host will also be sharing our experience in the Federal Space as well as our various partnerships with: Nintex, AvePoint, Gimmal, Innovative-e, UMT360, Team Foundation Server and BrightWork.

Learn more about Project Hosts’ FedRAMP SaaS-Compliant Clouds here.

Discover a Cloud-Based Project Management Solution with BrightWork Online Built on Microsoft SharePoint Platform

June 2, 2015

BrightWork Online, and other SharePoint Applications, can gain worldwide presence with Project Hosts’ SharePoint Custom Clouds in Azure.

BrightWork online is a Project Hosts’ Partner Solution that combines BrightWork’s unique approach in using project management templates, with the accessibility and reliability of a Project Hosts SharePoint cloud. This Project Cloud Solution gives small, medium and large sized organizations an affordable project, portfolio and work management solution.

The BrightWork best practices approach enables organizations to start quickly, and to gradually evolve by adding more templates and dashboards as needed. BrightWork was the first collaborative Project and Portfolio Management solution built on Microsoft SharePoint.

BrightWork Online offers all the site collection capabilities and templates in the BrightWork On-Premise solution in a cloud environment, with the added benefits of easier user management and no worries about setup, installation or upgrades.

For more information on BrightWork Online, click here.

SharePoint Public Cloud and a Private SharePoint (Custom) Cloud comparison

CRM Public Cloud and a Private CRM (Custom) Cloud comparison

PPM Public Cloud and a Private PPM (Custom) Cloud comparison

Custom Cloud Advantages (Advantages of A Managed Private Cloud)

Top Ten Reasons to Consider the Cloud for your SharePoint, Dynamic CRM and Project Server Solutions

May 21, 2015

Leader_in_CCLeading Enterprises and Government Agencies are moving their on premise Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Project Server solutions to the cloud. While their key reasons may vary slightly, many share the same fundamental requirements for choosing a dedicated cloud platform. Here are our Top Ten Reasons to get Your Cloud, Your Way with one of our Custom Clouds or FedRAMP SaaS Compliant Clouds.

Hosting Services: We are a gold-certified Microsoft Hosting provider with more than 12 years of hosting and cloud experience.  As part of our standard hosting practice, we operate as your virtual IT department to create a cloud that meets your specific business and technology requirements.

Advanced Security: We support your specific security requirements as mandated by your IT organization or GSA standards. We support advanced security and privacy best-practices, we can implement your specific security policies, and we are FedRAMP Compliant at the SaaS Level; covering 100% of the required security controls for U.S. Government Agencies and ISVs.

Person-2-Person Support: Our renowned services team and technical organization is at-the-ready in the event you have a problem. And rest-assured, you won’t be dealing with some nameless/faceless web robot, you’ll have a real person that responds to you.  Our support is 100% U.S. based.

Lower Cost: Our dedicated cloud platforms deliver the same degree of customization as an on-premise deployment or private cloud, but without all the associated IT costs, complexities, staff allocation, training, maintenance and support.

Dedicated_SolutionsBack Ups: We manage all backups and provide a complete business continuity plan in the event of a disaster.

Monitoring: We provide 24/7 monitoring of your environment.

Flexible Licensing: We can provide all software licenses, or you can purchase licenses yourself.

Application Add-ons /Add-ins: We work with leading ISVs to deliver robust application support, as well as enable you to add custom custom code if necessary.

Uptime: Like all cloud providers, we ensure 24/7 availability and back it up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Business Intelligence: Our flexible architecture gives you more sophisticated, real-time Business Intelligence reporting options. In addition to standard cloud services such as custom fields and views Click here to see our extended reporting options.

CRM Public Cloud and a Private CRM (Custom) Cloud comparison

PPM Public Cloud and a Private PPM (Custom) Cloud comparison

SharePoint Public Cloud and a Private SharePoint (Custom) Cloud comparison

Custom Cloud Advantages (Advantages of A Managed Private Cloud)

Three things you should ask a CSP when considering a Hosted SharePoint, Project Server or Dynamics CRM Environment

May 12, 2015

Talking_ShopLast week, Microsoft Ignite offered 4 straight days of communication with partners about what Project Hosts can offer them. While FedRAMP was at the top of most discussions, the same questions drove the conversations deeper into our offerings.

The following are 3 questions we heard most, as well as the answers we provided:

1. Are our customers still our customers once we introduce them to your services?

Answer: Yes. We Never Compete with you. Providing custom-cloud services hosting is all we do. We focus on ensuring that your customers’ hosted deployments are always secure, available, high-performance, and working the way they are supposed to. We support you behind the scenes, but can also work directly with customers if needed.

2. Do you offer sales and marketing support for your partners?

Answer: Yes. We support our partners with GO-TO-MARKET Programs and Tools. Our comprehensive partner program gives you the sales and marketing support, branding, sales tools and training you need to add cloud-based offerings to your solution and service portfolio. As a recognized leader in the market, you can immediately leverage our position to your business advantage.

Security_Cloud3. Our customers like the idea of moving to the cloud due to the overall savings with such a solution, but they fear the move because of security concerns. What would you tell our customers about your security?

Answer: The truth is that most of the popular hacks we are all hearing about are not Cloud based hacks. They are breaches accomplished through username and passwords. To offer the highest level of security, Project Hosts’ data centers are all ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certified. We also offer dedicated options for servers, domains, and networks. Our customers and partners appreciate and value that a dedicated Private, Hybrid or Community Cloud offers.

For more information on Project Hosts, please follow the links below:

CRM Public Cloud and a Private CRM (Custom) Cloud comparison

PPM Public Cloud and a Private PPM (Custom) Cloud comparison

SharePoint Public Cloud and a Private SharePoint (Custom) Cloud comparison

Custom Cloud Advantages (Advantages of A Managed Private Cloud)


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