State and Local Government Agencies are Requesting FedRAMP Compliant Cloud Service Providers

April 21, 2015

FedRAMP_Security_NotWhile state and local government agencies are not required to adhere to the federal government’s “Cloud First” initiative, many are now requesting FedRAMP(sm) standards be met for their cloud deployments.

The reason:  it’s a combination of both economics and security. FedRAMP SaaS-compliant solutions allow agencies to eliminate the significant cost associated with establishing and maintaining a high-degree of cloud security; the GSA notes that it can save 30-40% of government costs for cloud computing. And when it comes to cloud security standards, you can’t do much better than FedRAMP and it’s 325 unique security controls.

Project Hosts offers two types of cloud solutions:  our commercial custom clouds for enterprise customers, and FedRAMP compliant clouds for state and federal government agencies.

We have FedRAMP compliant clouds for the following Microsoft solution platforms:

  • SharePoint
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Project Server
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Remote Desktop

Learn more about these solutions, and others at FedRAMP SaaS-Compliant Solutions

FedRAMP_Mark_colorIn addition we assist ISVs, who have add-on apps on these platforms, run in a FedRAMP SaaS-compliant cloud so that they can sell to state and federal agencies. Join Project Hosts at Microsoft Ignite, May 4th through the 8th,  Booth #246 to learn more about how we can help you sell into federal government agencies, state and local government agencies, and in commercial enterprises.  More information can be found at these pages, which include links to FedRAMP Pricing.

FedRAMP SharePoint Cloud

FedRAMP Dynamics CRM Cloud

FedRAMP Project Server Cloud


What is FedRAMP?

April 17, 2015

The information presented herein was taken directly from the official FedRAMP website at: and may be subject to copyright.

Project Hosts has achieved FedRAMP compliance for its SharePoint, Project, CRM and TFS Federal Private and Community Clouds.

Project Hosts has achieved FedRAMP compliance for its SharePoint, Project, CRM and TFS Federal Private and Community Clouds.

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

This approach uses a “do once, use many times” framework that saves an estimated 30-40% of government costs, as well as both time and staff required to conduct redundant agency security assessments. FedRAMP is the result of close collaboration with cyber-security and cloud experts from the General Services Administration (GSA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DOD), National Security Agency (NSA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council and its working groups, as well as private industry.


  • Accelerate the adoption of secure cloud solutions through reuse of assessments and authorizations
  • Increase confidence in security of cloud solutions achieve consistent security authorizations using a baseline set of agreed upon standards to be used for cloud product approval in or outside of FedRAMP
  • Ensure consistent application of existing security practice, increase confidence in security assessments
  • Increase automation and near real-time data for continuous monitoring


  • Increase re-use of existing security assessments across agencies
  • Save significant cost, time, and resources – “do once, use many times”
  • Improve real-time security visibility
  • Provide a uniform approach to risk-based management
  • Enhance transparency between government and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Improve the trustworthiness, reliability, consistency, and quality of the Federal security authorization process

FedRAMP Cloud Overview  

FedRAMP SharePoint Cloud

FedRAMP Dynamics CRM Cloud

FedRAMP Project Server Cloud

Project Hosts at Microsoft Ignite is a Springtime Chicago Attraction this May for IT Professionals

April 15, 2015
Microsoft Ignite 2015 • May 4th - 8th

Microsoft Ignite 2015 • May 4th – 8th

Chicago has so much to offer. From deep dish pizza to the White Sox and Cubs, May in Chicago can be very entertaining. If you’re an IT,  SharePoint, Dynamics or Project Server professional, Microsoft Ignite should be at the top of your list of Chicago attractions between May 4th and 8th. Visit Booth# 246 with Project Host at Ignite and learn everything you need to know about our Custom Cloud and FedRAMP Compliant Solutions for SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Project Server.

Afterwards, see just how many Ferris Bueller Chicago highlights you can accomplish throughout this great city! See you there.

Custom Cloud Advantage

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Nintex Workflow Solutions Are Now Available As a FedRAMP Compliant Cloud Service

April 8, 2015

ProjectHosts-Nintex-FedRAMPToday, Nintex, the global standard in workflow automation, announced that is has partnered with Project Hosts, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), to deliver Nintex Workflow solutions in a FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant cloud. U.S. government agencies in need of a workflow automation solution to streamline processes, ensure process compliance and increase information accuracy can immediately gain access to the Nintex Workflow cloud service deployed on a Microsoft SharePoint system that complies with all FedRAMP rev4 Moderate security controls.  The full release can be found at this link.

“Having Nintex Workflow solutions available in a FedRAMP-compliant cloud is a significant milestone for our company,” said John Burton, CEO of Nintex. “By complying with the U.S. government’s Cloud First initiative and FedRAMP program through our partner Project Hosts, we can now help federal agencies improve employee collaboration and workflow processes while also saving time and money.”

Project Hosts’ provides Microsoft SharePoint, Project Server and Dynamics CRM cloud services that are FedRAMP compliant at the SaaS level, supporting 100% of the security controls required to meet this standard. Project Hosts’ FedRAMP Solutions allow agencies to eliminate the significant cost associated with establishing and maintaining compliance for solutions built on premise or on IaaS architectures that only cover around 25% of the required FedRAMP security controls. Project Hosts also offers programs to assist ISVs , such as Nintex, and Agencies deliver their solutions in a FedRAMP compliant cloud.

Project Hosts FedRAMP Information

Project Hosts FedRAMP SharePoint Cloud

Project Hosts FedRAMP Project Server Cloud

Project Hosts FedRAMP Dynamics CRM Cloud


Project Hosts takes their FedRAMP Compliant, Hosted Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics message to Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago

March 30, 2015

MeetingAfter a successful show at Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta, Project Hosts will be taking the positive experience in a primarily Dynamics space, to Microsoft Ignite with a similar message of SaaS level FedRAMP compliance for SharePoint. In addition to providing FedRAMP SaaS Solutions for agencies in need of Private or Community Clouds, Project Hosts offers programs to assist ISVs and Agencies implement and achieve their own FedRAMP compliant offerings.

By partnering with Project Hosts, SharePoint Consultants can get their own “Authority To Operate” credentials, allowing them to target Federal Agencies going to the cloud with their SharePoint environments. Our FedRAMP Solution Authorization Program also benefits ISVs and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), who partner with Project Hosts to get their specific Application Solution compliant with FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) standards.

Scott-Chapman-FedRAMPIf you are interested in meeting with CEO and Co-Founder of Project Hosts, Scott Chapmen, please email JoAnn Schwerthofer at:

FedRAMP SharePoint Custom Clouds

FedRAMP Dynamic CRM Custom Clouds

FedRAMP SaaS-level Private and Community Clouds.

FedRAMP Project Sever Custom Clouds

Project Management On Your Terms (PMOYT) for the Public Sector, a Webinar presented by Project Host’s Scott Chapman and Innovative-E’s Mike Taylor

March 23, 2015

Join Scott Chapman, President of Project Hosts and Mike Taylor, President of Innovative-e, as they present a 1-hour webinar on Project Management On Your Terms (PMOYT) for the Public Sector, a complete public sector solution created specifically for agencies that are struggling with managing projects effectively. Our approach will illustrate how to accelerate agility, adoption and control with a three-step approach that will help customers:

Increase business agility
Shorten deployment times
Lower security and downtime risks
Lower operational and support costs

Join our team for a free live webinar that will showcase:

Cloud-Based Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)
The cloud advantage with Project Hosts’ public sector offerings
Executive Dashboards and Reporting
Project Management On Your Terms(TM)
Attendees will be awarded one PDU for attending this webinar.

Please click the following link a few minutes ahead of the webinar start time to log on to our delivery platform on Gotowebinar:

Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta GA, proves valuable to Project Hosts and all attendees in the Microsoft Dynamics space

March 20, 2015
The view of Atlanta's Skyline from the ADX Studio "Geek" Rooftop Party

The view of Atlanta’s Skyline from the ADX Studio “Geek” Rooftop Party

On the first day of the event, prior to the doors opening on the EXPO floor, Project Hosts was visited by a Microsoft Partner, making early rounds so that he could, “Experience a moment with more people in the industry”. Convergence, rebranded as their “Premier Business Event”, offers just that, an opportunity to converse, face to face, with individuals that make up the industry. While the EXPO floor is always abuzz with people sharing ideas and pitching products, Microsoft created opportunities away from the show floor for Dynamics professionals to converse in more casual settings.

The show opened with a strong keynote message about empowering people and the innovation of people, “because it is the people who drive business success”. On the evening of opening day, a Microsoft Partner ADX Studio hosted an event allowing individuals to step out from behind their bullet points and pitches to mingle a top a scenic Atlanta rooftop overlooking Atlanta’s impressive skyline. There, partners, customers and ISVs talked shop and life, building relationships that will follow them home and into a future of growing opportunities.

Convergence Celebration features One Republic

Convergence Celebration features One Republic

By the third night of the event, relationships were forged and Microsoft Convergence 2015 attendees gathered at Philips Arena to enjoy an incredibly entertaining One Republic concert. The concert allowed Project Hosts’ and other Microsoft Partners the opportunity to continue their conversations about FedRAMP, Dynamics CRM and ERP opportunities in 2015. They shared both personal stories and business ventures with people eager to share the same. The information gathered from the various sessions and the individuals making up the community has proven to present more opportunities than we originally imagined.


Dynamics CRM Custom Cloud

Dynamics CRM FedRAMP Cloud

Dynamics CRM Custom Cloud Pricing Examples

Dynamics CRM FedRAMP Cloud Pricing Examples

FedRAMP SaaS-level Private and Community Clouds.



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